WSJ Editorial Page Covers FGA’s ObamaCare Enrollment Report

Wall Street JournalYesterday, The Wall Street Journal editorial page covered our ObamaCare expansion explosion report that published last week, calling the explosion itself an “embarrassment:”

In a new report this week for the Foundation for Government Accountability, Jonathan Ingram and Nicholas Horton tracked down the original enrollment projections by actuaries in 24 states that expanded and have since disclosed at least a year of data on the results. Some 11.5 million people now belong to ObamaCare’s new class of able-bodied enrollees, or 110% higher than the projections. 

Analysts in California expected only 910,000 people to sign up, but instead 3.84 million have, 322% off the projections. The situation is nearly as dire in New York, where enrollment is 276% higher than expected, and Illinois, which is up 90%. This liberal state triumvirate is particularly notable because they already ran generous welfare states long before ObamaCare.

The data are also an embarrassment to Kentucky (134% over) and Ohio (60% over) because the legislatures in those states rejected expanding. They were unilaterally overruled by Democratic Governor Steve Beshear and Republican John Kasich. Arkansas’s compromise Medicaid expansion was hailed as a “private option,” but 51% more people have signed up for this public option than voters were told at the time.

The Foundation for Government Accountability numbers exclude states that expanded recently like Alaska and Louisiana, where it is too soon to draw conclusions. The study also omits Delaware, Massachusetts and Vermont, which obtained Medicaid expansion waivers prior to ObamaCare.

You can read the full WSJ editorial here.


One thought on “WSJ Editorial Page Covers FGA’s ObamaCare Enrollment Report

  1. Thank goodness for patriots and watchdogs like Mr Nick Horton who are guarding our taxpayer monies and advising governors, legislators, and citizens about this Obama spin-off fiasco costing taxpayes millions across America!
    Concerned citizen,
    Jack D. Ruple, Sr


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