This blog belongs to Nic Horton, Senior Research Fellow for the Foundation for Government Accountability. Its purpose is to simply compile my published writing from across the web in one central location.

The name “The Echo Chamber” was inspired by former Arkansas Governor Beebe’s spokesman who tried (and failed) to muzzle our work at Forbes. According to him, our work was helping to create “an echo chamber” of “fallacies.”

A little bit about me: before joining FGA, I ran a small business and worked as a citizen journalist in White County, Arkansas. I used my platform there to help defeat several local tax increases. I went on to work at the state level as a journalist and commentator, covering state-level politics and policy. Now, my work is published at Forbes, Townhall.com, The Hill, and elsewhere around the web.

I’m the proud uncle of three nieces and a wild nephew. I live in central Arkansas with my wife Leah and I’m a die-hard Kentucky Wildcats fan, born and raised.

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