FGA: States Can’t Trust Washington To Fund ObamaCare Expansion

Screenshot 2015-04-09 15.02.16

A new report from the Foundation for Government Accountability highlights a string of broken funding promises by the federal government:

Examples of broken promises and unfunded mandates pushed on states by the federal government are virtually limitless. The Obama administration withheld $111 million in mineral royalties that had been promised to states. The Federal Highway Administration has cut back the transportation funding it had previously promised states. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reduced or cancelled promised grants to state and local governments. The Department of Commerce revoked funding for a large-scale broadband project, designed to bring online access to schools and health care facilities in Louisiana. The Federal Emergency Management Agency suddenly revoked more than half a million in funds for a small Minnesota township, leaving it vulnerable to significant financial and legal liability. Stories of broken federal promises like these can be found all over the country.

The report, authored by Jonathan Ingram and Nic Horton of FGA, is available here.


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