Two Memos On Bad Health Care Proposals

downloadFGA Action recently published two memos on bad health care proposals in two states — Arkansas and Montana.

The Arkansas memo focuses on SB828, a bill that would delegate broad policy-making authority to state bureaucrats and allow them to pursue 1332 waivers:

Senate Bill 828 gives the executive branch virtually unlimited authority with no meaningful legislative oversight. Most disturbing is the fact that some of the bill’s defenders have falsely said that the bill actually requires legislative approval. Sadly, the bill’s express language confirms this is not the case.

Senate Bill 828 provides that “any waiver submitted [by the governor] under this section shall have legislative approval” to implement those waivers.6 The bill does not say that waivers shall require legislative approval, but that they shall be deemed to have already received legislative approval.

You can read the full SB828 memo here.

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