NRO: Three Medicaid Reform Lessons from Arkansas

ar-largemapArkansas made national headlines in 2013 when then-governor Mike Beebe, a Democrat, struck a deal to make Arkansas the first southern state to expand Medicaid through Obamacare. Shortly thereafter, Beebe exited (stage left), leaving a fiscal, political, and moral disaster for the new administration to grapple with. But now, thanks in large part to the leadership of Republican governor Asa Hutchinson, Arkansas is taking significant steps toward reversing Obamacare’s devastating impact. Other expansion states should take note. Continue reading


Forbes: Arkansas Voters Overwhelmingly Reject Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion — Now What?

By Nic Horton, Jonathan Ingram and Josh Archambault — Mr. Horton is Policy Impact Specialist, Mr. Ingram is Research Director, and Mr. Archambault is a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Government Accountability.


Arkansas has received its share of national attention the past few months, culminating in the spectacular defeat of incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Mark Pryor by GOP Congressman Tom Cotton. In an electoral thumping powered by opposition to Obamacare, last night also saw the defeat of every Democratic candidate for Congress and all statewide offices.

But there’s one more Obamacare loss likely on the horizon in the Natural State: Arkansas’s disastrous “Private Option” Obamacare expansion. In fact, news is so bad that incoming state Senate President and Private Option cheerleader Jonathan Dismang may have to curtail his time campaigning for Obamacare expansion in other states.

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Governor-elect Asa Hutchinson has expressed concerns about the cost of Arkansas’ ObamaCare expansion, and he’ll be working with a legislature that’s looking for a way out of the program. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

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